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Complete Line of Spinning Machinery
Blowroom, cards, draw frames, roving frames, ringspinning and O.E. rotorspinning machines, winders, etc.

unifloc spin1 spin2

Elitex Open End Rotorspinning Machines
Models produced previously by the Elitex factory, either in used or refurbished versions. Machines include: BD200RN, RCE, S, SN, SD, D, D1, D2, BDA10N, BDA20, BT902, BT903 and BT905

Elitex-1 Elitex-2 Elitex-3

Spare Parts for Elitex O.E. Rotorspinning Machines
Completely new original spare parts, as well as used special spinning components such as complete spin boxes, rotors, combing rollers, inserts, and separators, among others.

Spare-1 Spare-2 Spare-3

Weaving Machines and Other Textile Machinery
Rapier and air-jet weaving looms. Complete equipment for the weaving process. Hosiery machines (Uniplet and other brands). Finishing and dyeing equipment.

DSC01208 P7100 Loom (general) S5030889



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